Coop Home Goods 2 Pack - Lulltra Zippered Waterproof Pillow Protectors - 2 Pack - Hypoallergenic - Machine Washable - 15 Year Warranty (Standard) FNSKU-CHG-PP-STD

Coop Home Goods 2 Pack - Lulltra Zippered Waterproof Pillow Protectors - 2 Pack - Hypoallergenic - Machine Washable - 15 Year Warranty (Standard) FNSKU-CHG-PP-STD

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  • Inner Cover - 100% Polyester Outer Cover - 40% Bamboo Derived Rayon 60% Polyester
  • NOISE FREE PROTECTION - Our pillow covers are made of LulltraTM fabric, giving them a luxurious, soft feel while eliminating the squeaky noise that is common with other protectors.
  • PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT - These zippered, waterproof pillow protectors provide complete protection for your precious pillows. They resist dust mites, bed bugs, and mold, so you can maintain your pillow for years to come.
  • ALLERGY SUFFERERS WORRY NO MORE - Ease your itchy throat, stuffy nose, sneezing, and other allergy symptoms and finally enjoy your best night's sleep with our protector.
  • EASY CARE - They are machine washable so you can continue to sleep on a fresh, clean surface. WORKS WITH ANY PILLOW - Its gusseted design allows them to work with any kind of pillow, including down.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - We stand behind all our products, so we're happy to offer a 30-night trial and a 15-year warranty for our Pillow Protector.
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Protect your pillow and your health Our zippered pillow protectors act as an allergy-resistant barrier, defending your pillow against dust mites, allergens, bacteria, and dead skin cells. Backed with a waterproof layer, you won't have to worry about spills caused by you, your child, or even your pets. Bring your pillow wherever you need to go with full confidence that it'll stay protected. Our soft, luxurious LulltraTM fabric provides complete protection without weighing down your pillow. Its unique design allows your pillow to breathe, preventing that dreaded sweaty head caused by most plastic pillow protectors. Enjoy the best night's sleep possible with our gusseted, zippered Pillow Protector. Incredibly easy to care for! Machine wash before use. Use only non-chlorine bleach if needed. Tumble dry low, remove promptly. With our 30-night trial and a 15-year warranty, you have nothing to lose. Protect your pillow today!

After dropping $145 for a king-sized quality pillow from Nest Bedding that I can't wash, I was paranoid and overly protective of it to keep it clean. I went through about 3-5 different protectors, looking for something that could defend it from drool, dust, and makeup stains, but still maintain the soft, squishy qualities I dropped all that money for. I HATE the crunchy, rustling, slippery waterproofing material that EVERY OTHER company uses! I don't care how soft and quiet they say theirs are -- they're lying. This is the ONLY one I've come across that actually feels plush and is silent. Best pillow protector out there!
By Jackie April 2, 2018
You have to see and feel this pillow protector to understand just how good it is (photos and videos just don't do it justice). It looks and feels like some sort of fancy premium luxury pillow case, but it's a zippered pillow protector! I always thought pillow protectors were just a simple white cotton zippered pillow case in order to add another layer in addition to the pillow case, but this pillow protector from COOP Home Goods completely blows me away. I just kept going, "Omg, are you kidding me? This is just a pillow protector?! Wow!"

The only negative is, the zippered opening is too small. When I tried to put my brand new COOP pillow into it (I have the pillow that has approximately 15,000 reviews), it was very difficult. This was before I removed any of the filling for customization though, which I still needed to do. I finally got around to doing that and I probably removed about 1/3rd of the filling because I'm mostly a stomach sleeper, so I'm sure the pillow protector will be much easier to put on the next time I remove it, but I'm not going to remove it until I have to wash it because I don't want to be stuck trying to put it back on again! That's how annoying it was to put on. I'm keeping it though because I'm hoping it will mean I'll never have to wash the pillowcase or especially the pillow! That'd be awesome. I recently upgraded from a MyPillow Premium and I hated washing it (it was always a mini project, so I am hoping to be completely done with that).

I contacted COOP about the small opening and they said, "We do have plans to change the zipper placement on our pillow protectors, however, production has not started and we do not have a firm date to provide you with at this time." They also reminded me that the pillow can be "bent and manipulated" (their words) into the pillow protector. See next paragraph though to understand why I didn't want to handle the pillow too much, otherwise I would've just done that instinctively.

There is one more negative aspect that's worth mentioning, but it's due to a personal issue (there's nothing COOP can do about it). I have rough dry skin on my hands, and the material (40% Bamboo-derived Viscose Rayon, 60% Polyester) is rather 'catchy' on my hands. If you have rough dry skin and if you've ever tried to handle something made out of silk, you know what I'm talking about; you can't enjoy the silky smooth texture. This isn't anywhere near as bad as silk, but it's just bad enough that it's worth mentioning. I think it's due to the Bamboo-derived Viscose Rayon. The pillows are the same way for me due to the pillow case. That's probably what made the pillow case so difficult to put on because I was trying to be very careful not to get my skin flakes all over everything from just "manhandling" it, which is what I should've done and then just vacuumed it clean. heh I won't use lotion though because I don't like the idea of getting lotion on everything I touch every day, and it makes my hands sweat much easier - especially in the summer. So, I prefer to just deal with clean but rough dry hands.

I guess another negative thing could be that it's not possible to just buy 1 pillow protector. These are 2-packs. I only needed 1 pillow protector and I only wanted 1. I would've gladly paid $15 for just 1.

So anyway, beyond that, these pillow protectors truly have that "wow!" factor. They're exactly as advertised and more (because some things are only possible to know about by experiencing them for yourself).
By Tim March 14, 2018
I was afraid this pillow protector would inflate with air like every other pillow protector I've ever used (from super cheap to super not cheap). Man was I wrong! You can't even tell it's on the pillow and it doesn't take away from the squishy goodness of the pillow. I love these protectors so much I've ordered 5! I also use their regular pillow protectors and it's the same exceptional quality. Coop home Good's outdid themselves with this one and I couldn't be happier. Body pillows are expensive and this is a good way for me to protect my investment without sacrificing any comfort! LOVE IT!
By AleashaMatthews May 15, 2018
Based on reviews, my expectations for this pillow were pretty high. It may actually end up being pretty decent based on how comfortable it seems it might be. However....

It has a considerable chemical stink. As suggested in the instructions, the pillow had been placed in the drier on low to allow it to expand. However I did this to remove stink three times.

Maybe a week later the stanley stink still crawls through the pillow and as I have a sensitive nose, the smell is lessening but still too much to sleep on.

I am giving this pillow a low score based on the company failing to handle STANLEY STINK filler issues as part of their production process.

Maybe in another week or two the pillow will be fine, but I am upset with what I received and continue to deal with after a week.
By ike August 29, 2018
This pillow case is super comfortable and only enhances the pillow versus changing the feel of it like other cases do. I love that it zips on the side and that the zipper can't be felt at all. The only downside is that it's not water proof. I thought no biggie when my son spilled his water on it, then I took the case off and the pillow was wet too. Problem solved for me, no more drinking around the pillow :-). This case washes great, I've washed it many times and have had no problems with the zipper, piling or shrinkage. This really is a fantastic cover.
By MaineMomOfOne May 27, 2018
Such a nice protector! Worth every single penny! It's soft, breathable (of course not as breathable as no protector at all), flexible (of course not as flexible as your pillow with no protector at all). You do sacrifice a tiny bit of pillow comfort having a protector on your pillow, but with that being said this is the BEST protector I have ever used
By Joe Nobody April 10, 2018
This is the most amazing pillow case I have ever owned. It is so soft, looks great, and is easy to wash. It fits the toddler pillow perfectly. It looks so nice that we actually use two of them as throw pillows on our living room couch and chair. I have attached a photo of it on our living room chair so you can see how nice it is. Most of the time it is on the couch with either me or a dog snuggling with it. There have been many nights where either the dog or I have fallen asleep on it...did I mention how soft it is?
By Jennifer Smith October 31, 2017