Winco Netted Head Muddler, Polycarbonate PBM-8N

Winco Netted Head Muddler, Polycarbonate PBM-8N

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  • Made of black plastic
  • Netted head
  • Used for cocktails like mojitos, mint juleps and many more
  • Essential home bar supplies for any cocktail enthusiast
  • Dimensions: 8 1/8"L
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This is the muddler for making mojitos, mint juleps, etc.; anytime you need to mash an ingredient in the glass. It's long enough to easily reach the bottom of a 16 oz. cooler glass - it's 8.25" long (the description says 8"). When you're done just throw it in the dishwasher. I bartended my way through college & this was always behind the bar. It mashes better than the wooden versions, is more hygienic and since it's one piece, it won't fall apart. No grooves or connecting area to catch crud; it's just one solid hunk of polycarbonate.

If you do a lot of fruit crushing, you may want to consider the triangular head version:
Muddler, 8'', triangular head, polycarbonate

But for all-purpose mashing, including fruit, this netted head gets the job done well.
By Katawampas June 4, 2010
It's a solid muddler at a very low price, with just the right weight and length, plus a quality muddling surface at the bottom. I think polycarb is the way to go with this - almost all the wooden muddlers have laquer that degrades or chips over time (potentially getting into drinks) and many of the metal or partially metal ones are multiple parts with seams that can get gunk in them and end up being unsanitary. The best thing would probably be a solid piece of stainless steel, but you'd pay an arm and a leg for that compared to these polycarb ones. This was perfect for my needs.
By M November 26, 2016
Both my husband and I bartended for years through college. Recently looking for a use for all the ripe grapefruit in the backyard we started muddling them up and making cocktails. The problem - neither of us seemed to have ever thought to purchase a muddler. This is a good size and weight for all of our needs. Its polycarbonate, not wood, which is good since wood can harbor bacteria and be harder to clean. The diamond pattern at the bottom is great for getting mint, etc to a proper consistency. A great price for a good product!
By Jennifer S December 26, 2012
A simple muddler made of a single material. It's inexpensive and does the trick. However, I think the texture is too spiky and deep. Maybe it muddles more quickly, but it also traps a lot of mushy food between the spikes and is significantly harder to clean than my other metal one. I'd recommend a different muddler.
By D. Berzack March 18, 2017
After seeing several people comment on the wooden muddlers about the veneer or stain chipping off into drinks, I was relieved to find this guy. And it works great. I don't have a dishwasher, so I don't know how well it holds up there, but so far it's fabulous being hand-washed. It is sturdy construction, feels good and moderately heavy in your hand, and I actually kinda like the fact that I can use either end. One end has the pattern on it so you can really crush things with a good grip, but the other end, which is rounded, I've found to work better for some things. I was making mojitos the other night and when it's just mint and sugar in the bottom of the glass, the patterned end can't get as good of a grip on the leaves, so we turned it over and it worked perfectly really smushing the whole leaf into the sugar. Then, when (on our second one!) we decided to muddle in some cucumber, the patterned side really held a good grip on the cucumber slices while we were trying to crush them. It was perfect! Two in one!
By Lozza November 2, 2012
Not sure how I feel about this. This is for use in mashing fruit. Should I care it came with this warning on it?
By Northwoods June 23, 2017
We wanted a smaller, packable muddler that we could take on vacations with us to make Mojitos specifically. This one is perfect. It's all plastic, so no airline/security issues. It's lightweight, but sturdy and dishwasher safe! The muddling end is sharp, even though it's plastic - so handle with care! We used it everyday while on our latest tropical vacation and it was perfect. This is now one of our must-have travel items!
By Tee_NY December 14, 2016
I picked this up for muddling mint when making mojitos and it does a fine job. I would rinse it when you're done so dried mint doesn't get stuck on end, but even if it does it's not hard to clean off. I've run it through the dishwasher a few dozen times and made a lot of drinks.
By Matt February 16, 2018