Booda Tail-Spin Flyer 7012

Booda Tail-Spin Flyer 7012

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  • FETCHING FUN: Petmate's Booda frisbee for dogs has a lightweight, flexible design that is easy for pet parents to throw and pets to catch
  • FLIES AND FLOATS: Lightweight, water frisbee floats in water for versatile playing from the park to the pool
  • DOUBLES AS A WATER DISH: Made with flexible fabric, these dog flying discs can be used as a water dish for easy access to hydration on the go
  • SOFT FRISBEE FOR DOGS: Rubber tubing around the soft frisbee edge is gentle on dogs' mouths and easier to catch and carry
  • DURABLE, FLEXIBLE DESIGN: Durable cloth and rubber tubing of the Tail-Spin Flyer keep the disc sturdy during extended play
  • IDEAL FOR LARGE DOGS: The "Big Daddy" Tail-Spin Flyer pet frisbee measures 12 inches in diameter, ideal for larger dogss
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Product Description

The Petmate Booda Tail-Spin Flyer has a lightweight, flexible design for play from the park to the pool. Made with lightweight fabric, these dog frisbees are easy to throw and catch for high-flying games of fetch. The rubber tubing around the edge of the cloth frisbee is gentle on dogs' mouths, making it easier to catch. Active pet parents can use the flexible fabric of the disc as a water dish for their dogs. The Tail-Spin Flyer is made of lightweight, buoyant fabric for versatile playtime. The durable cloth and rubber tubing keep the disc sturdy during extended play. The Tailspin Frisbee is available in three sizes, small fry, medium, and big daddy, to accommodate all sizes of dogs.


It flies, it floats, it's flexible! The Booda Tail-Spin Flyer is a fun, durable, interactive fetch toy that will keep your dog entertained in & out of the water. This flexible Booda toy flies & floats--& even doubles as a water dish when you're on the move. This high-flying toy is soft & gentle on pets' teeth & gums, & is a safe way to play & exercise with your pup!

These were my dog's absolute favorite toy, and we play fetch (no tugging or chewing, just catch) with these pretty much daily. We always kept a few on hand, and figured that you'd get a year or two out of one. Sadly, those old ones wore out, and the reserve we of course had on hand was pressed into service. It has had about two weeks of use on it and is pretty much worn out. The tubing is hanging out through a rip, and more rips are developing all around the brim. It seems they used to use a strong rugged material for the brim. Now, whatever it is, it is so thin and weak just the act of catching it leaves small punctures in it which multiply and propagate. It is a major shame really because here is yet another 5 star item which someone changed the secret formula on (presumably cheaped out) and turned it into garbage. If Booda goes back to making quality versions of these, and would like to send me a sample/replacement, I'd love to update this review but for now we'll be buying a soft frisbee elsewhere.
By S February 2, 2018
This BOODA disk is an imitation, made to look just like the excellent SOFT BITE FLOPPY DISC. I was trying to buy additional SOFT BITE disks because the manufacturing, materials and flight worthiness are fantastic. The BOODA disk, clearly an imitation, doesn't look, feel or fly anywhere as well, and was a waste of money. Like other people who provided reviews here, I was suckered by the duplicate colors and pattern; and BOODA clearly knew that the very small picture on 's site would be enough to trick shoppers and make them think they were buying a SOFT BITE FLOPPY DISC. This product is no good, and is not with buying.
By Amazon Customer July 22, 2017
This is my dog's favorite toy and we play frisbee everyday! So my husband and I purchased roughly 15 of these last year for 2017. We recently, purchased some frisbee's for 2018 and are extremely disappointed in the change in materials. This company changed the frisbee for cheaper materials and you can tell immediately. Our dog would go through a frisbee about a month now, it takes about an hour before the frisbee has at least one whole in it. Plus the company changed for cheaper materials and kept the same price point. I DON'T recommend this toy for dogs who love frisbee, not with the new material change. Spend your money on a something a little more expensive that will last longer than one use.
By Mary ELizabeth Botkin January 24, 2018
At sometime in the last year they changed the products fabric. Before it was a nice soft but heavy cloth. I bought 2 new ones in October and they are very hard and slippery. Almost feels plastic canvas. I have a 4 yr old English Lab named Sophie, that is a competitive "Frisbee Dog". Her favorite Frisbee is the Booda tail spin flyer. Or I should say it WAS her favorite. Now she won't touch them. She'll go find an old, torn and yucky tail spinner instead of the new ones. We go through about 10 Frisbees a year, and it's worth spending more money on a product that she practices well with. Even if it doesn't "last forever", it's still worth it. These new ones are lighter so the wind tends to turn or tip it much easier than the older ones. So it doesn't fly well. And we almost always have wind as we live on a side of a mountain. Sophie doesn't even like the feel of the new ones. And since they are firmer, it's tough on a dogs Canines. I noticed a couple other brands like floppy disk and chuck it have gone to this hard canvas. So I have an unhappy Dog, and you have a VERY Unhappy Customer.
By Deborah B. November 19, 2017
My dog is a Shepherd. ~15 months old as I write this, though he's a little on the small side at ~80 lbs. He loves to play with this toy (as do I ;). He's rough on it, but then I suppose most dogs would be since it probably activates that chase / hunting instinct. After catching it my dog will chomp all around the edges of it, (the silicone tube forming the rim almost invites this behavior), shakes it vigorously (!) side to side, and uses it to rip up grass by setting it down, biting the middle of it and ripping out the grass that he traps between his teeth on the far side of the disc. He'll do this for a minute or so until he's ready for me to throw it, at which point he'll drop it on the ground and step back. My dog has access to this toy *only* at the dog park when we are playing catch. There have been no tug-of-wars with the two larger discs, nor any other abuse other than that described. Durability of this toy (or the lack thereof) is an issue. Based on my experience with the smaller version (purchased at a local pet store) I purchased two of the larger discs and one of the smaller discs from . The first 12" disc I brought to the dog park failed in a single session (10-15 throws / savagings). The second one failed this morning after the third session (50-60 throws). Booda (the manufacturer) secures the ends of the silicone tube by inserting them into a slightly larger, more flexible silicone tube (see photo, top right). They position this splice / juncture at one of the seams in the cloth sleeve that encases the tube. Collectively these form the rim of the disc. Failure occurs because the ends of the tube slip out from the weak point in cloth sleeve. Of the two large-sized discs I've used, the failure mode has been both rapid and identical (see photo). It's a shame, because this is really a good toy. In comparison, the smaller sized disc has lasted 4+ weeks (10-12 sessions a week and ~ 20-25 tosses per week). It doesn't fly quite as well as the larger size (less stable) and requires a slight breeze to throw into so the disc will hang up a little and give the dog a chance to get to / under it. Until the silicone tube pops out, these can take a *lot* of abuse and still be functional. Once the silicone tube pops out... not so much.
By Charles S. Tricou June 4, 2015