Whirlpool 74003019 Bake Element

Whirlpool 74003019 Bake Element

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I came home from work one day and the hubby said our oven was messed up, smh I asked what happened and he said the heating element had broke slap in two. Here I was going crazy thinking we needed to buy a new stove. Luckily I hopped online and tried searching for our stove which is actually a magic chef brand... It pulled up this bake element and I checked to see if they looked alike and they did, so I ordered it hoping it would fit even tho it says whirlpool. Thanks to prime shipping, we had it in 2 days so when I came home from work, he said its fixed. Such a relief to know a $14 part fixed it instead of having to spend 100's that I didn't have on a new stove. Happy wife here, thanks to my new element and keeping money in my pocket. Such a great deal!!
By J. crouse July 28, 2016
Great price. Very easy to install. Saved a bunch on a service call since I did it myself. Take a couple of screws out of the old one & pull out. Put this new one in and put screws back in. 5 minute job.
By Guzzer April 25, 2016
This is one of those handyman projects that almost anyone could fix themselves. My bottom heating coil in my Magic Chef oven was burned through so it was very easy to see what the problem was. This whirlpool part number was the unit that fit my range. After unplugging the oven, I removed the screw on each flange that are attached to each end of the coil, pulled the coil out and then just unplugged the wire from each side/end and reversed the order to reinstall the new one. I just heated up the oven and it was finished heating to 400 degrees in nearly the same amount of time it took to write this review. (I type slow). I try to only use brand name parts when available. Whirlpool parts always seem to meet the quality of the parts I replace. (Good Stuff)
By Mark Rowlette July 3, 2018
Perfect fit for our Jennair oven which is just a rebranded Whirlpool. About half the price of other replacement elements. Very easy to install. Be sure to save the old screws, they are not included.
By F July 22, 2018
Got this for a Magic Chef Model 3868VVV ceramic top range that's 20 years old and it is an exact replacement element and works fine. The only gripe I have is that the new one came missing the little stay tab on the left side to hold it up off the bottom of the oven. I was able to scavenge one off the old element and it is all working now, but their QC should be better. Two day prime was worth the wait as the local shop wanted 37 bucks for the same thing.
By Coyote April 29, 2017
The element in our Maytag oven burned through and caught on fire! This replacement fit perfectly and works like a charm. Certainly a better value than calling the repairman :=)
By Mavis August 4, 2018
When the coil in our oven started sparking and catching on fire, I knew something was wrong. A couple of quick searches for repair advice and part number I got this replacement.

This installed in less than 5 minutes, 2 philips screws and 2 push on terminal connectors later and my oven was back and operational again.

Props to , I ordered this on a Friday, received it Saturday. It might just be my imagination, but it seems like the oven pre-heats a bit faster now. This repair beats buying a whole replacement range.
By Vlad April 2, 2015
I always have to think twice when shopping for parts as I lean towards the cheaper part, but generally get hosed. This element was cheaper and I went for it based on price. It fit correctly and had good terminal ends, the bad ones are thin and melt off soon after install.
By bUZZKILL August 19, 2017