National Hardware N279-794 V1345 Touch 'n Hold Door Closers in White

National Hardware N279-794 V1345 Touch 'n Hold Door Closers in White

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  • One touch hold-open design
  • Ergonomic button
  • Easy auto release
  • LifeSpan Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Simple to install
  • One touch hold open design
  • Easy auto release
  • Simple to install
  • Adjustable closing speed
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What isn't obvious until your think about it (and/or look at the website) is that a critical adjustment is the distance between the mounting point on the door jam and the door itself, i.e., the amount that the piston is extended when the door is fully closed. They give you a number of ways of performing the adjustment (the front and back holes on the piston at the door mounting point; where you mount the bracket on the door itself; the multiple holes in the bracket on the door itself) but basically there is an air piston that slows the travel when the door is closing AND a spring within the piston that is pulling the door closed.

When I mounted the piston with no tension whatsoever on it with the door closed, it was tricky to get the door to close well. Moving the door mount point an inch away from the hinge (tensioning the spring) allowed me to get the door to close fully and rapidly with no slam when the door was opened fully, but when opened slightly the door would slam. Changing the adjustment to half an inch makes the door "bounce" and close when the door was opened fully, and there was still some stopping power when the door was opened slightly so it does not slam. This is how I left it.

No matter what I do, I cannot get it to perform when may main door is both open and closed due to the air pressure of the seals.

No comment yet regarding durability because I've had it a week.

The hold feature is nice and I like it.
By Charles Sorgie March 5, 2016
This pneumatic closer works basically like any other pneumatic closer. Since air is compressible it slams half way closed, slaps your backside, or chews your ankle, or then bounces a couple times if there is nothing to hit. The close speed from that point is adjustable with the vent screw in the end to close at a smooth rate until it approaches the latch point. When the closer hits the latch point it will slam shut. Adjustment for the 'slam' at the latch point is trial and error with the mounting bracket holes and the two 'adjustment' holes on the unit.

I wanted to try the touch-hold feature on this pneumatic unit.

The one touch-hold feature gets two gold stars from me for innovation and function so far. Your door MUST have a spring and chain opening limiter that is adjusted so the closer will never see full extension even in wind. This will protect the door, closer, and door frame. If the hold button is activated at full extension the unit will freeze up, -DUH! One can call the company for help with that problem, or just throw the unit away, and buy another one because you ruined that one, it is not defective. Try not to be careless with the new unit. I like the touch-hold button function. It is much better than the slide clip found on most closers. How long it functions will have to be seen.

My door is getting a new hydraulic closer to work alongside this pneumatic unit. I will throw the slide clip from the hydraulic unit away. I believe they damage the rod on hydraulic closers and cause rod seal leaks. Maybe someday someone will figure out how to refill the oil on hydraulic closers. With age they 'gurgle' and become just like a pneumatic unit and slam half shut...

Also, if you want a closer to hold a door open to 180° don't try one of these or any other closer like it, the geometry is all wrong. Buy an expensive full-function commercial door closer, -or use a concrete block. BTW, get the commercial closer installed by a skilled professional locksmith or master carpenter.
By Mac June 14, 2016
The installation was easy enough and the mechanism to keep the door open is well-designed. I really like it. The only thing I don't like is that the retracting mechanism isn't smooth all the way. It will slowly retract (i.e. expel air from the tube) but when it gets to the last 5%, it will snap closed. It's hard to explain without a diagram, but how this manifests itself is your door will slowly close, but when there is like 1-2 inches left, it will just slam shut. The answer to this is to adjust the mounts so that the door will be in the closed position before the tube retracts all the way, so the snapping never happens. Again, hard to explain.
By D Tran March 3, 2018
This National Hardware V1345 Touch'N HoldTM Door Closer in Black is a good product at a good price. The touch and hold convenience is an improvement over the type of old door closer that came with my patio door, after installation of a screened porch. Time will tell if it holds up and performs at it's current operating condition as new, but now I can pick a spot I want to gage as an opening for my cat to come in and out, hit the button and the latch sets and holds just after that point of hitting the button. I takes a little practice to be precise. The look, fit and finish is good and it should last a while for my most used door on the patio. The screw to adjust the slowdown of the door swing has little adjustment before fully screwed in, so it will barely cause the door much slowdown, which may be a fault of my unit. Four stars at this time and if I feel the product is not doing what I want it to do in the future, I will revisit this review and make any necessary changes. I like it now.
By CDP's Onceagain habit of purchasing October 3, 2016