Zuru Bunch O Balloons Instant 100 Self-Sealing Water Balloons Complete Gift Set Bundle, 3 Piece (300 Balloons Total) ch-balloon01

Zuru Bunch O Balloons Instant 100 Self-Sealing Water Balloons Complete Gift Set Bundle, 3 Piece (300 Balloons Total) ch-balloon01

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  • Set Includes 3 Packs - Colors Vary
  • Each Bunch Makes 100 Water Balloons In 1 minute For 300 Total!
  • Secure Attachment To Hose & Fill!
  • Water Balloons Have Never Been This Easy!
  • For Ages 3 & Up
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Size:300 Balloons

Forget the trials of filling & tying countless individual balloons, bunch o balloons takes all the hassle out of preparing for a water fight & lets you just enjoy the fun. Simply secure the pre-packaged attachment to a hose & you'll have 100 water balloons ready to use in one minute per package, for a total of 300 balloons. Colors variations in the set vary but can include, "red, blue & yellow", "purple, pink & white" & "blue, green & orange." suitable for ages 3 & up.

These work great. I filled three hundred or so of these without losing one during filling, and they all held water for over two hours. I would suggest using an ice chest or small water bath to use when filling. Rolling ice chest lets you place loads of balloons in strategic spots. Filling the ice chest about 1/4 to 1/3 full of water makes a big difference in the survival rate of the balloons. Start by placing the plastic ring on the hose, and then submerge the unfilled balloons into the ice chest water. As they begin to fill, and fill them slower than your instinct, you can lift the bundle in and out of the water almost like you are steeping tea, and they will fall off in an orderly manner into the water in the ice chest. Don't overfill them. We were using these for a balloon slingshot and we were getting 100 yd shots with them.
By HeavyLunch June 18, 2018
More than 1/4 of them didn’t fill up ..i think it may have been due to a tiny hole in them? I had ordered 2 sets because we had a big party of kids coming over but unfortunately I didn’t count on so many of them not working so we kind of fell a little short I would say.. the kids still had fun with the ones that worked, but it certainly was expensive for so many of them to not have worked..will probably try a different brand next time and order an extra order quantity just in case
By Cookiemonsta March 14, 2018
I love these but make sure you use them shortly after filling them up as they will deflate.
By Edie July 25, 2016
Excellent, fun product! What a great idea and so easy to fill/seal these balloons -- because they seal themselves! The kids loved our last big water balloon fight! It was the highlight of the party. I've hosted two now, and have many requests for more. ;)
By Love the whole Mom thing :) March 1, 2017
Had some very mixed experiences with these. They filled about 85% of the bundle every time. The rest broke. When you hit a person with these they did not pop. My small kids can barely throw hard enough to pop normal balloons, and even if I whipped these really hard they still bounced off. But they would pop as soon as they hit the ground. Weird...
By NIcholas Andrus June 17, 2018
They're easy and great just keep them in the shade and fill them up in a kiddie pool or bucket of water.
By Amazon Customer October 21, 2016
Very disappointed, more than half popped while filling, and the rest popped from the kids trying to pick them up. I had purchased them for my son's birthday party since we had a water balloon fight last year and it was a hit, but I had spent more money on the balloons last year. You get what you pay for
By Amy E. Klick May 22, 2018
These worked great and saved a huge amount of time. So worth it! We filled them and kept them in a plastic tub (in water) and out of the sun - did not pop. Actually, some bounced right off of people, but that's ok - good comic relief!
By Mom_of_2 August 18, 2017