Xpassion 3-Piece Water Brush Pen Set, White

Xpassion 3-Piece Water Brush Pen Set, White

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  • DURABLE NYLON BRUSH TIP: Durable watercolor paint brushes available in Bold, Medium, and Fine point size. Give a sensitive response for delicate lines or pools of colors.
  • EASY TO SQUEEZE BARREL: Control the ink or water flow with just a squeeze of the barrel. Blend with water or add ink to barrel for fast, easy, and fun painting.
  • CREATE YOUR WATERCOLOR MASTERPIECE: Great for solid colors or powdered pigment, use with aquash watercolor crayons, markers, and pencils to spread and smooth colors.
  • DISHWASHER FRIENDLY EASY TO CLEAN: The brushes will be easy to clean after used. Note: This set of water brush pens are not come with water in it . You can fill by yourself to create a watercolor paint effect u want.
  • 100% NO HASSLE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Try it out at our expense and if you are not fully satisfied, we will refund your money CLICK the ADD TO CART button above to secure your Watercolor Brushes now !
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Love these brushes! I'm new to the watercolors but so far it's been really good. I wish I got more when they were on sale!!
By Jackie B April 3, 2017
I don't think that these brushes are for professional artists who need to control both the amount of water on the brush and the level of detail in their work. Squeezing the brush tends to let out large drops of water that result in great lakes on the paper. I also found that the pieces I was working on were detailed enough that I needed something smaller than the small brush size.

For the casual artist or hobbyist, these should work just fine. The price is good for what you get. I use these with watercolor pencils on adult coloring books, and I only ended up using the small and medium brushes. Also, cleanup is really easy, and it sure beats having a cup of water next to you (all too easy to knock over).
By Amazon Customer January 8, 2017
Admittedly I've only used the fine tip brush but I had to write a review because I love it and the package came so quickly! Very happy with this purchase and you can't beat the price. The picture is watercolor with the finest tip brush. Great for beginners like me. Highly recommend.
By kendalldang October 13, 2016
Bought these to go with some Crayola watercolor pencils, but they should work with any brand. A much neater solution than keeping a jar of water and brushes on my already crowded craft table. If you use them for pencil, switching colors is easy if you simply squeeze a drop of water into the brush and then wipe gently to remove color residue. Naturally wash your brushes after use, and let them air dry. Instructions recommends you empty the barrels while not use.

The synthetic bristles are good quality, firm but flexible for great control, and while I tend to have a gentle touch and haven't yet used them a great deal, they don't seem to shed hairs like brushes this cheap often do. The set of three come in different tip sizes for use in finer details and wider areas. Will definitely buy these again if and when they wear out or become damaged.
By T. Jackson February 3, 2017
As an illustrator, I've always preferred working with watercolor. However, this is my first time using these water brush pens - and OH MY GOSH I was missing out on so much! I feel like there's so much more control with this than a regular brush. Not to mention ease of travel - fill it with water and go! The different tips are great as well, and they all work perfectly with watercolor pencils. I highly recommend this product!
By Ashley Donahue August 4, 2017
I'm a beginner with watercolors, but I love it and so does my Teacher. Just a gentle squeeze and another drop or less of water comes down. Depends on how hard you squeeze it how much water you get. So far I'm very pleased as I don't have to stop what i'm doing to get more water on the brush. Good luck!
By C. Foley January 30, 2017
As someone who isn't new to watercolors, but new to watercolor pencils, I ordered these brushes along with a small set of 10 watercolor pencils. I'm thoroughly impressed. The fibers at the tips are in order; none are frayed or out of place. The tips are nice and thick, so they'll hold color well. I found that the brush releases the right amount of water and there's no real need to squeeze unless you want to lighten a particular color on your palette.

The tips of the brushes did stain, though it may have been the brand of watercolor pencils I purchased. The stain does not affect the pigmentation of other colors, so it's not a concern. I've attached a photo where you can see the very slight discoloration that occurred after minimal use. Again, this is a stain and does not affect the hue of the other watercolors.

I'd definitely recommend this product, and I'll be buying it again for my daughter very soon.
By Erin J. June 12, 2017
This is a new artist tool for me to experiment with. For my first project I decided to use the Water Brush Pen Set with water color pencils. I used a piece of scrap cardstock that was discarded. It had been run through a craft machine and a rose pattern had been cut into it. I colored in the rose then used first one water brush then another. I recommend that any user practices with this too before using the brushes on an important project. I filled the empty tube/brush handle with tap water. As instructed I squeezed the side where the marking is to get the water to feed through into the brush bristles. I touched the brush to the colored in area and the pencil markings began to blend. The brush portions of each 'pen' is nicely shaped and fairly soft. I liked using the pens but must learn to control the water. I think they should be used on watercolor paper, cardstock and thicker papers to prevent wavy or puckered artwork. The brushes pick up color from the pencil lead so keep a paper towel on hand for cleaning and blotting. Once mastered this is a great way to create artistic pieces. The finer brush pen point is just right for working with hand made greeting cards, scrapbooking embellishments and more.

Disclaimer: I received these brushes for free in return for my own unbiased and honest opinion about them.
By irishmanrjf May 4, 2016