Design Ruler by Tim Holtz Idea-ology, 12 Inch, Plastic and Metal, Clear, TH92481

Design Ruler by Tim Holtz Idea-ology, 12 Inch, Plastic and Metal, Clear, TH92481

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  • Design Ruler is a clear acrylic ruler
  • Features a grid background for perfect placement a center measuring guide a straight edge for drawing lines a metal edge for cutting and evenly spaced holes for paper piercing
  • Ruler measures 12-inches
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Design Ruler is a clear acrylic ruler that features a grid background for perfect placement a center measuring guide a straight edge for drawing lines a metal edge for cutting and evenly spaced holes for paper piercing. Ruler measures 12-inches.

There are things I like about this ruler and some things I don't. I like that it's acrylic and has a center point. But it doesn't have a metal edge like advertised. Another reviewer said there's does so I don't know if we received two different products or what. I really wanted one with a metal edge to use with an exacto knife. With this one the knife shaves off small pieces of the ruler which I don't like at all. I would have been perfect if it had had the metal edge.
By Stephanie January 21, 2016
I have a small sign/shirt printing business. Next to my X-acto knife, this is my most useful tool. I have 36" and 54" aluminum straight edge "rulers". They are great, but for smaller items I grab the Tim Holtz ruler. Being clear and having multiple markings are the best features of this ruler. The markings make lining up things a lot easier. The metal edge is also great. Using a knife with the ruler wouldn't be possible without it. I have accidentally cut using the opposite side, and the X-acto blade would dig into the plastic. The metal edge solves this. I was concerned that the lines would wear off, but after a year or so of heavy use there is no sign of wear. If you do intricate work, I would highly recommend this ruler. My only complaint is that they don't make bigger ones!
By Chris McCoy August 29, 2016
I like the ruler generally. It's sturdy, it has the metal strip, and it makes it easy to center.

My problem is that the lines that mark the inches are too thick. I'm a perfectionist, and the slight variations that it produces are driving me crazy.

I really, REALLY want to keep it, but I don't think that I can. If you're not as crazy as I am, it might work for you.
By Lindsey December 29, 2013
My favorite thing about this ruler is the 1/8” grid markings. Other similar rulers only go down to a 1/4” grid. It also has tiny holes spaced at 1/8” intervals for paper piercing. I don’t use those, but it’s a nice feature that could also work as a makeshift compass. It’s also made from thick material — not even remotely flimsy. It feels like it would take a bit of determination to break it.

On the down side, I find the 1” interval markings to be too thick (about 1/32” or 1mm). I prefer markings that are thinner than my pencil lines. I would prefer they were at least as thin as the 1/4” markings. I also wish the markings were etched instead of just printed; I’m a little concerned that they might rub off with heavy use and repeated cleaning. But then etching might increase the price prohibitively, and I can’t say for certain that this printing won’t last (I’ve only used it a few days) so I won’t count that against it.

Also, the markings are not 100% acurate. It’s off a hair each inch (in comparison to my etched steel ruler) adding up to 1/32” after 10”. This is likely because of printing. This isn’t a big deal with paper crafting, but considering the price, that and the thick markings are irksome enough to deduct a star.
By VMilo July 11, 2018
I bought this ruler because it seems every crafter on YouTube uses it. It is a good, sturdy ruler, and being able to see through it when cutting a strip of card stock is nice. The metal edge is great for that purpose. What I don't like about it is that the markings are so thick one cannot be truly accurate, and for some reason, I keep mis-reading the measurements. I guess that would just take time to get used to how tthe numbers are placed. I will still be using my trusty metal ruler that I can read every time and has 1/16" markings with fine lines.
By Create A Belle February 16, 2018
I didn't think there was much to think about when it comes to a plastic ruler. I was wrong. I bought this primarily for pre-setting letter stickers for my scrapbook pages and cards. You know, when you stick the bottom of the letter on the top of the ruler, so that you can figure out the spacing and positioning before you press them down on a page. Well, this ruler is wicked thick. That may be a plus if you intend to use it as a weapon but that's not What I bought it for. Also, it has a bold dark 1/4" grid across the entire surface, with dotted lines at 1/8", which is meant to help you align things but I find it a annoying and distracting. I didn't get from the picture just how prominent it would be. If you'd like the grid, this is definitely a ruler for you!
By ScholarMom June 13, 2015
I bought this as I want to be able to cut nice straight borders around things and a clear ruler with a metal edge seemed to be a great idea. The first time I went to use this, I thought maybe the ruler had shifted when I was cutting and then the second cut was wonky as well. Measured the ruler against two cutting mats and realized that the center is bowed in about 1/16 of an inch. Of course I had thrown away the packaging, so it could not be returned. I now have a very expensive paint stirrer.
By ryem September 23, 2018
It looks OK on .com picture, but in fact the line marker are really dark and thick make it somewhat difficult for me to use when I lay it on top of finer pencil lines. Perhaps it would be fine for other application, but it does not work for me. I bought another one by CreativeImpression, also from .com and it has much finer marker lines.
By Dennis T. May 22, 2014