Wooden Human Art posable Drawing Flexible Joints Mannequin Manikins Figures Doll Model for Artists Sketch Charcoal Home Office Desk Decoration Kids Children Toys Gift 12'' HOMLICO 4336946131

Wooden Human Art posable Drawing Flexible Joints Mannequin Manikins Figures Doll Model for Artists Sketch Charcoal Home Office Desk Decoration Kids Children Toys Gift 12'' HOMLICO 4336946131

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  • WELL MADE-made of seasoned hardwood and comes with a stand,articulated proportional sized,Holds pose well once locked into position.
  • PORTABLE-very light,only 7 ounces makes this Mannequin easily to carry around with you anywhere from the classroom to the studio.
  • WAX FINISHED -The Finish creates a protective barrier for your model,gives wood a beautiful luster,transforming it from a tool to a show piece.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL- this drawing model is used for study of the human body and the basic shapes help beginners or advanced artists to capture all the correct scale and shadows for their drawings and artwork,Perfect as gift, children dolls, or for house decoration.
  • PLEASE NOTE- make sure to click sold by HOMLICO and fulfilled by amazon,we guarantee your enjoyment of HOMLICO product,if for any reason you are not completely pleased with our model,then we offer you all your money back,without any questions asked.
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Size:12''Female-Wax Finished

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Main features:
✔Articulated proportional sized
✔Flexible jointed to allow for posing
✔Holds pose well once locked into position
✔Comes with a stand,the stand can be removed from the mannequin
✔Wax finished.made of seasoned hardwood,Each piece nicely polished and wax to a smooth finish surface and elegant color

Suitable for:
✔Bring your inspiration to life
✔Simulates walking, running, jumping, diving,standing and so on
✔Study the human body and the basic shapes
✔Help beginners or advanced artists to capture all the correct scale and shadows for their drawings and artwork
✔Kids to fully play their imagination to creat different postures,develop the baby's hands-on ability at the same time.
✔Perfect as gift,children dolls,or for house decoration

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Not in love. One knee really doesn't bend properly and will not stay in place. Flimsy and inflexible.
I was going to return it since it was purchased with Prime. When I tried to do so I learned that the item is NOT returnable!!!!
By Claudia January 27, 2018
Does its job to stand there and look pretty while I sketch.
Model does not need bathroom break. Does not talk. Does not make eye contact. Does not breath.
Joints are not as flexible as I thought they would be.
Holds pose well once locked into position.
Good for basic poses.
By Rush March 29, 2017
For its price, it's okay?

I have trouble getting this thing to stand up straight when doing poses that require most of the weight to be shifted to one side without it face planting on my desk. Of course you might say, "Well no s***...", but honestly, it does that when I even lift up one leg. Though I suppose it doesn't help that the metal rod holding up the mannequin started to lose it's grip and now leans around. Also doesn't help that the wooden platform it's situated on isn't perfectly flat so it kind of rolls towards the side where metal bar is leaning which makes the mannequin shift it's weight towards that side even more and then, well... in a nutshell, gravity sucks when things that aren't supposed to fall over aren't made decently. Though perhaps I was just unlucky and got the defect.


As for poses. I wouldn't expect much. It was doing pretty good with simple standing poses before the metal rod decided to crap out on me. The head has okay range when it comes to twisting and bobbing, just don't expect it to be able to bob its head at the deeper angles a human can normally go. Well... you can try. It is possible to pull the head to those angles though the spring that's holding the head on would just snap it back to place.

For the arms; you can make it flail around like a madman who dislocated their arm sockets so have fun with that.

The torso it a bit limited. While the torso can twist at a full 360 degrees. The Torso can only bend over or backwards or side to side at a maximum of 45 degrees (rough estimate). So if you want them to roll into a ball or maybe pleasure themselves in a way that a contortionist could, then you'll be pretty disappointed.

Hips, can't move at all: 0/10.

Legs, have a very limited range. While you can twist the legs and the feet at 360 degrees, and the feet can be pitched at fairly generous angles, the thighs unfortunately are connected to joints which are glued to the hips. These joints are locked so that you can only move the forward or backwards. So you cannot have the mannequin angle their legs like they're doing the splits... Wait, you can, but the other kind of splits. Uh... basically, you cannot have the mannequin pose like they're pissing like a male dog.

Durability wise. The Metal Rod get's a 0/10. Though because of the metal rod's incompetence, I discovered the figure itself is pretty durable after throwing the thing at various hard surfaces due to my frustrations of trying to get the thing to stand up straight (stupid Metal Rod).

While it isn't perfect, it is pretty cheap (though i'm still kind of pissed off over the metal rod thingy but what do you expect for the price.) If somehow future products include a metal rod that behaves itself, then I would strongly recommend this for any beginner artist who want's to get a general idea on figure drawing.

Though upon hindsight, I probably could have easily fix the metal rod thingy by getting some super glue and stuffing the hole holding it full of the stuff.

By Jahladin March 12, 2014
Okay... I really wanna love this guy but... he's all wrong. He doesn't move all that well and what little poses he does do makes him looks like the Tinman but far more..... wooden. He can't even place his hands on his chest without the springs jutting his arms forward and back into place. Yeah, he's cute but I really wish I could of used this product as a reference and not just a pape
rweight. This is the first negative review I've ever wrote but I just had to tell everyone this guy is VERY limited in what ways he can move and to be mindful that he really can't be used as a reference for artists.
By Savannah March 25, 2017
It pains me to write a negative review, but this was the first product I've purchased off that I was pretty unhappy with. I give it 2 stars because it's really only useful if you are just starting art and need a moveable reference. The joints don't move very well, I can't even pose it with its hands on it's hip because the springs in the joints make the arms bounce back! The legs don't move fluidly like real legs do, and because the base is made out of a light wood the figure falls over rather easily. You definitely get what you paid for.
It does look pretty nice as decoration on my nightstand.
By taylor markey January 25, 2018
I've seen better and I've seen worse but being in the middle of the pack isn't good either. Overall this product will serve the needs of a beginner trying to learn basic anatomy but since several sections of the product are inaccurately long it wont serve the needs of a more demanding artist. The legs on the one I received were slightly off and pointing to the side, this can't be fixed with articulation due to the base of the leg being glued to the rest of the body. Spend a little more money and find one that has a better build quality, you'll thank yourself for the effort.
By Jameson McGuire May 10, 2015
This thing is not /very/ articulate (as in, motion is somewhat limited). Also, the base is too small/not heavy enough, so it tend to lean forward a bit and actually needs to be supported for any pose that's leaning too far forward (like if you move the legs forward at all).

That said, it is fairly large and cheap.
By Ian Finley January 18, 2017
Having never used an artist model before I was in the market. Purchased it looking to better hone my skills for the human form and angles. All in all the figure does provide form but it is basic form. The parts can take abuse and bounce back.
Be careful as to not expect to get many points of articulation out of this style of model. The joints are limited in their range of motion and have springs which prevent full motion. The model did give me a good sense of movement being able to see where joints can move to (even though they don't stay in position due to springs).
It is a great beginner model and reliable for general body shape.
By Susan Turner June 23, 2016