Ibanez PF15ECE Dreadnought Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Cutaway Guitar Black PF15ECEBK

Ibanez PF15ECE Dreadnought Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Cutaway Guitar Black PF15ECEBK

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  • Mahogany back and sides provide rich, warm lows and sweet sustain
  • Ibanez Under Saddle pickup and AEQ-2T preamp maintain the guitar's natural tone when plugged in
  • Gloss black finish and chrome die-cast tuners give guitar distinguished appearance
  • Includes an onboard tuner
  • Get professional features, quality, and great sound at extremely inexpensive price
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Incredible sound out of the box. High quality body, comfortable fret board, beautiful finish.. and did I mention how great this sounds?
However, I'm still wondering if mine has a defective pickup or wiring. I plugged it in to an amp and cranked it to max volume, but it barely makes a whisper. So I plugged my amp into another amp and then plugged that into my Mac and turned that up to max. Now I can hear it but the noise is so atrocious that I'd really rather not hear it.

The tuner is working.. but the manual is no help as far as what to do with the signal to make it usable or enjoyable. As an acoustic guitar, this was an incredible purchase and I love it. And it's good enough to give it 4 stars just based on that. It's just too bad I can't plug it in.. but then again, maybe there's just something wrong with mine.
By Frequent Amazon Customer September 19, 2017
I PURCHASED this for our grandson who wants to learn the guitar. I have played for over 50 years so I KNEW a good beginner instrument is what he would need. I have played many high end guitars in my life, but I can tell you, this is a great bargain for the money. Plays and frets easily and the tone is much better than I expected. Our grandson loves it. I should point out, we never used the electric, but simply played as acoustic only, besides, if you're learning, who in the HELL NEEDS more VOLUME? BUY it!
By Daniel Long June 6, 2018
Sounds great unplugged. However I gave it 4 stars because when plugged in it tends to have a natural reverb sustain that's not bad but you need to work on amp and preamp settings to calm that down and then it sounded more mellow. I also think that when I put some good Martin strings on it will also make it more mellow. I wish it had the Sst preamp instead of the Ibanez brand which is inferior. However it's still a good guitar for the money and I will get it into shape for use at my gigs.
By Vincent Gervasi October 10, 2017
Wont hold tune even after several weeks of keeping up with it. The amplifier cables came disconnected and dancing inside the box. It will not power up the internal tuner tool. I will buy a different brand. Poor quality overall.
By bluewater February 6, 2018
I have very little knowledge on guitars, but I wanted to buy my husband (someone very knowledgeable) one for his birthday, but didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg for it. I lucked out picking this one because not only does it look amazing, it sounds really really nice. It exceeded any and all expectations I had and my husband was literally at a loss for words with it. So happy with my purchase!
By Joti June 21, 2018
Wow! Great tone, great action, really great price.
By Backpacker August 20, 2017
The guitar looks great and has a great sound, I loved it.
By Jesus Alfredo Martinez June 7, 2016
for this price, it is as good as the other guitars I bought at 800 .
By i won't tell you my name October 17, 2017