Fun Central AZ961 72ct 2 Pack of Rainbow Glitter Temporary Tattoos for Kids

Fun Central AZ961 72ct 2 Pack of Rainbow Glitter Temporary Tattoos for Kids

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  • INCLUDED: Fun Central Tattoos for Kids include 72 counts of Rainbow Glitter Temporary Tattoos
  • FEATURES: Tattoos for Kids, come in a variety of different colors and shapes including hearts, designs, butterflies, and more
  • SAFETY: Temporary Tattoos for Girls are easy to apply. You put tattoo on your skin, apply water on top, press down for about 10-15 seconds, and then peel it off. Rainbow Tattoos are environmentally friendly, non-toxic and are designed to last for a long time
  • PARTIES: Rainbow Temporary Tattoos are a perfect addition to your kids birthday parties, party favors or for sleepovers!
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Here’s the story. I had to buy these. Normally I would never ever buy temporary tattoos. I barely let my children wear them when they get the ugly minion or monster ones they pick up at Halloween and birthday parties. But every once in a while I break down and let them. It’s also good practice for them to count while they wait for it to apply.

At the dentist as a prize for being good patients, my girls age 6 & 4 were allowed to pick 2 stickers or tattoos from a counter full of designs. They both chose 2 of these glitter rainbow ones. Some were hearts, one was a butterfly. Then that evening after bath my oldest daughter accidentally applied my youngest daughter’s beautiful glitter rainbow butterfly tattoo instead of her own. It really was a gorgeous little glittercrainbow butterfly. Even a little metallic. Well the little one was so sad a pathetic looking. And though I also normally wouldn’t “make it better” by buying more.... you get the idea.

I had a moment of weakness and searched for the same ones and found them on ! At which point I thanked the gods for having them. She looked slightly less pathetic to know morevwere on their way...

They arrive and by now she’s forgotten her pain. And again, not one to willingly decorate my childrens’ skin I didn’t apply them. About a month goes by and of course school starts. And she decides she wants to put one on.

It doesn’t stick. We try another one. It sticks a little bit rubs and peels off. My modest tries a couple with same poor result. I think to myself, they’ve got to be doing something wrong. Maybe there is some residual conditioner on their skin. So I take one to try after I shower. Nope. Doesn’t stick. So I try another. Applying more water and more time. Though I have never had trouble before, these just don’t apply.

I don’t know if they are a bad batch or old stock or what the problem is. But they kind of keep sticking to the paper. If you get some of it to stick, it just peels or rubs off. Yuck. Now that’s a gummy mess of little rubbery wads stuck to their stuffies in their beds.

I would have gave them 5 stars if they stuck. And now I can’t return.
By Momma August 28, 2018
Worse than worthless - these tattoos fall to pieces and will not stick. I'm so glad I found this out before I gave them to any kids. I tried five times in case it was my error, and no success. Then I read the other reviews about more miserable buyer experiences. Also, the designs shown are not the same as I received. The return was easy, though, and I appreciate that.
By Sandi W. August 22, 2018
What a disaster! I order these for our end of the school year carnival. Students were so excited to get them put on. Out of 4 teachers none of us could get just one to stick. NOT ONE! I guess it's my fault for not trying them as soon as I got them. What a fail. Luckily someone found some face paint to save the day. BTW there were like over 100 pieces that would not stick.
By Aleina H. May 16, 2018
No really fair for me to write a review as I tried using these on rocks. They were to slimy for that but I do t know about how they would be on a persons arm.. sorry I was just trying as I use a lot of temporary tattoos on rocks...
By dakota January 31, 2018
I give these a 2 star because I can't get them to stick. And believe me I've purchased plenty of fake tattoos and I can't get these ones to stick. The pictures and designs are beautiful. But useless since they can't be used for anything else.
By Robert Hockman May 19, 2018
We are disappointed in these. Some of them went on fine and looked nice, but some went on really badly. The ones that went on fine were peeling off in under an hour. Sad kids.
By steidljr February 19, 2018
Very popular with the trick or treaters this year. They picked these over the stickers and bubbles.
By KrisKnight27 November 27, 2017
These tattoos are beautiful, but very difficult to apply. I love applying temporary tattoos, and these would not come off of the paper, even after more than a full minute of a
By Jessica Z. February 26, 2018