JIIUZUO 8mm 108 wood necklace sandalwood prayer beads bracelet meditation buddhist link wrist prayer mala elastic

JIIUZUO 8mm 108 wood necklace sandalwood prayer beads bracelet meditation buddhist link wrist prayer mala elastic

  • fabric: wood.100% handmade string the 108 beads together
  • Size:8mm 108 pills,weight:Between 25~45g.
  • Elastic cord Multilayer Bracelets,Suitable for any wrist
  • Can not be soaked in water, otherwise it will lose luster.
  • High-end Natural wood beads ,pray for peace and health
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Product description

Made of natural wood,The texture of each bead will be different
A bracelet made of 108 beads, 6 children's beads and a stupa
8mm 108 Beads Buddhist Wood Prayer Sandalwood bracelet
You can buy it as gift to your families,lover,friends. Express your best wishes
High end transparent bag packaging

The beads are smaller than I hoped, but that's not the major problem. They are so tightly strung together that during my mantra meditation the beads don't easily slide aside when pushed but stay in place. That sometimes causes me to use the same bead twice or lose my place altogether. The beads are not supposed to be a distraction to meditation but an aid. But the beads are beautiful.
By Dana Garrett May 12, 2018
I bought these for me and my mom. We are both completely satisfied with them. I like how it can either be a bracelet or a necklace. My mom and I have tiny wrists and this fits very well around them. Great quality and would definitely buy again from this seller.
By Nikki September 12, 2017
I ordered 3 bead items for yoga and meditation. I would say this would be the one i felt was worth the price. Someone said the beads are small, yes, but good luck finding giant wood beads for $8 because you won't. And as a guy, I prefer them to be more subtle, and not as flashy. You could also wear them on the wrist really easily, they look good as a wrist bracelet.
By CJ February 7, 2018
They're exactly as they appear in the picture, but they've been finished with a chemical varnish of some kind. I'm sure it would wear off, but I just scrubbed them briskly with baking soda and water a couple times. (Don't soak them, just a quick scrub and rinse, under running water, and hang them up to dry.) Ahh...I can smell the sandalwood, at last.
By Sarah Gibson May 28, 2018
I love the 8mm beads! They size beads make it so much easier on my arthritic hands! They don't smell like sandalwood and for that I knock off a star. There's pretty much only one reason I ever buy sandalwood and that's for the lovely scent.
But with the size of them I am happy
By Jay June 21, 2018
Super cute! For my wrist you have to wrap it five times around and the fifth time is a tad bit snug but it looks very cool and I always get compliments on this bracelet.
By Kathy Flynn December 4, 2017
Bought 3 sets in different woods. Perfect. The bead size is great and easy to manipulate. I keep them in the pocket of my scrub top and chant to myself with them during stressful times. I put a drop of superglue on each of the knots just to be on the safe side. The elastic the beads are strung on is a little flimsy so I will likely restring them onto a sturdier cord. Overall very happy with the purchase. Correct number of beads. No weird smell (other reviews had mentioned that).
By Kim Crivello August 7, 2018
Has the 108 beads plus the meru bead. I use it for my daily mantra. I don't notice any sandalwood smell.
By Jim_From_NY October 10, 2017