Serta | Reversible Sherpa / Fleece Heated Electric Throw Blanket for Bed or Couch (Beige) Perfect Fit 861065

Serta | Reversible Sherpa / Fleece Heated Electric Throw Blanket for Bed or Couch (Beige) Perfect Fit 861065

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  • INCLUDES: (1) Microplush reversible electric heated throw with 5 heat settings
  • MATERIALS: Made from ultra-soft 100% polyester brushed microplush that reverses to a plush, cozy, Sherpa lining for an incredibly cozy feel
  • FEATURES: Easy to use controller has 5-heat settings to maintain your own perfect comfort level; Controller has a 8.5' power cord for easy placement; built in 4-hour automatic shut off for safety, power savings and convenience
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Conveniently machine washable; 3-year manufacture's warranty
  • DIMENSIONS: Throw measures a generous 50"x 60" for full coverage; Perfect for the couch, chair and bed as an extra layer
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Color:Beige  |  Style Name:Premium Throw

Perfect Fit SertaHeated Micro Fleece and Sherpa Throw - with 5 Setting Controller Beige Electric-Blankets, Premium

This blanked stopped working within months of purchasing. I contacted the seller, and they referred me to the manufacturer. Serta sent me a replacement at no charge (thank you) which didn't work at all from the first use (meh). When I contacted them with the issue, I received no reply. Now I have TWO heated blankets that do not work. Fun times.

DO NOT BUY THIS BLANKET. Or any other electric blanket from this manufacturer.
By Amazon Customer May 31, 2016
Waste of time. I opened the bag it came in, first thing I noticed was how incredibly cheap and flimsy the fabric was. So thin, no substance or texture whatsoever. I plugged it in and waited. And waited . And got "warmish". Other users mentioned putting it under another blanket. I don't see the point but tried it anyway. Even with another nice blanket on top, it was barely warm. This is on the highest setting. Wires were spread out very far apart and thin and useless. I am dropping it off at UPS tomorrow. I might try a heated mattress pad and see if that might get warm enough to even feel a difference.
By Maureen A. Byrnes December 17, 2015
The other reviews are absolutely on the mark when complaining about the lack of heat this blanket generates; it's really a joke, almost not worth the bother of the cord in the way. There's always an extra step when turning it on, because it initially starts on setting #1, and setting #1 doesn't produce any heat discernable by modern scientific measuring equipment, beyond the LED’s blue glow on the controller, so really, turning on the blanket always involves hitting the button on the controller four more times to get to the "highest" setting to really get it “on”. It's probably not Serta's fault (beyond advertising it as a real electric blanket); I imagine a bunch of lawyers and/or politicians have been successful in destroying the idea of an electric blanket, as they've previous done for gas cans, in-car GPSs, seatbelt warming indicators, and so much more (even trying to destroy the idea of hot coffee), though would have been nice if it remembered the last setting (but I’m sure the lawyers had something to say about that too). This is not your momma's electric blanket, it's not the one you remember from your youth. But, it can be a nice blanket with your expectations in line. The blanket itself is comfortable, love the fake white fur, and the right size for throwing over the lower 2/3rds of your body while chilling on the couch. And once fully warm on its highest setting, could probably be compared to the warmth of recently taking it out of the dryer, which does feel very nice. It's just that you'd expect that temperature from the first or second setting, third at worst. If there's a slight chill in the air, this blanket on high can serve you right, but it's truly cold, this electric blanket isn't going to remedy that, much more than a regular non-heating blanket. I don't know where to get a real working electric blanket anymore, though; I see similar complaints in the reviews of other blankets. I'm sure they're out there; just like exempt racing gasoline cans (meant to fill up race cars, are exempt from the stupid rules which intentionally slows the gas, causing it to burp and spill, because they actually have to work).
By Scott April 14, 2018
The color matches what I purchased. But the controller is different and only has 4 settings. Only works on medium. High doesn’t work. Warm and low barely anything. Going to give it a couple days before returning.
By LORRI January 31, 2018
This Serta throw - at a marvelous price - outperforms the super expensive ones! I love the "sheep" interior: only problem is the constant war it causes. I have to scream at my Siamese not to dig their claws in: they get revenge by waiting until I'm gone for 2 seconds, sneaking the whole thing under my bed. Repeat, repeat.

This has a lovely long power cord, which is great when one doesn't have a newish house with plugs every 4 inches.

The warmth is immediate and goes all the way to the edges - hello, Biddleford! Take note at nearly twice the price.

In short, grab this sucker quickly - especially at this price.

But beware if you have cats - THEY like it TOO. (And are willing to fight for it!)
By Cat LeDevic January 9, 2018
I bought this because our old house is drafty and wanted instant warmth. When my feet are cold it takes too long to warm them under a blanket
(if they get warm at all). I though an electric blanket for the living room would be great, what I got wasn't what I expected...

This item is THIN. I expected fluffy and much thicker than what this "throw" actually is.
The manual on/off button is large + 5 level settings are user friendly, anyone can figure out how to turn it on and adjust the - warm - levels.
I do not say heat because this thing - does not - in - any - way - get - hot - or anywhere close to it. Maybe body temp? Not sure but for this money and electricity I expected it to do a better job. Disappointed.
By g April 27, 2018
Bought this to replace my Biddeford electric throw which quit working after three months (seriously, what’s with these electric blankets?) This one is not nearly as soft and is barely warm when set on “five”. It only seems to get warm in certain spots too. Disappointed. Guess I’ll have to wait until next winter when Target has the Biddefords on sale again (definitely not paying full price on anything that craps out after a few months, but it was a sweet blanket while it lasted).
By Krista M. Griffin March 20, 2018
Very thin, but is long enough to either cover your body, or turned sideways cover multiple people on a couch. Great for family movie night! The thing is, it takes awhile to warm up, and even on it's highest setting it isn't really that warm. Sure, it's noticeable, but only barely...and that's at the highest of the 4 settings...I haven't tried the lower settings.

There are warnings included in the blanket though, that it shouldn't be used around pets due to the fact that their claws might accidentally hook into a heating coil. Also, it states that people with poor circulation shouldn't use the blanket(I originally bought this as a gift for my grandma, but since she has poor circulation, it became my personal throw.

One thing I do like is the texture of the throw, on both sides. It's so very soft!
By Shaide December 22, 2015