Andoer 10 Keys Birch Finger Thumb Piano Mbira

Andoer 10 Keys Birch Finger Thumb Piano Mbira

  • Pushes down on a key with a thumb or finger, and when the key is released, the vibration resonates in the wooden body, making nice sound.
  • Anyone who picks up one of these instruments can make a great sound right away.
  • Smooth surface, nice polish, very beautiful and delicate.
  • Small in size, easy to carry and store.
  • Material: Birch & Steel
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For the price this isn't a bad product - but there were issues with the one that I received. The outer keys were reasonably in tune (as much as that might be), but the four middle keys were horribly out of tune. Adjusting them didn't do a lot to make them sound any better (and it created problems with some of the outer keys). I finally got the whole set adjusted to something that I can live with (the longer metal keys still are not very melodic).

I'm satisfied with my purchase, since I'm just playing around with this instrument and it didn't cost a whole lot of money. But if you're looking to use one of these for actual music, I suggest looking for something of a higher quality.
By K. R. June 14, 2016
Fun little toy. Got this for my kids for christmas. Each one is getting a mini instrument so they can annoy me even more with their terrible thrown together band. ;)

Nicely made and has a good sound.
By A Mom November 8, 2016
 If you’re looking for a beautiful work of craftsmanship, I don’t recommend buying this. Save up your money for a better quality Kalimba (around $50 or $60). However, for beginners, people who don’t care about paint jobs, etc. this Kalimba is perfect. The quality of sound is gorgeous! It’s certainly not “childish,” if you catch my meaning, and has a loud, resonating quality that makes any tune sound professional. Highly recommend for an introduction piece. If you intend to give this as a gift, don’t get the red/painted one, as the paint job is far from well done.

Overall I am satisfied with my purchase. Sound is amazing, paint/box itself is lacking. I’ve attached a short clip for the sound, although I have to say it didn’t capture it in the best quality. I hope this helps a bit before deciding on your purchase!
By BookLover14 May 17, 2018
it's easy to tune and play. the paint job could be better, but the wood feels sturdy enough. also, some notes make a buzzing sound, but it can be fixed by adjusting the tines a bit. the tops of the tines are kind of sharp so i had to put tape over it because i already cut my hand once. overall it's cheap, fun to play, and sounds great!
By J February 4, 2016
This is obviously one of the lowest priced kalimbas on . But you get what you pay for. The fit and finish of this kalimba is not very good. The steel keys are thin and the edges are somewhat sharp, which makes playing it uncomfortable. The stain and finish on the wood is not very good, the surface is rough and the color is uneven. The kalimba comes in a small cardboard box with no padding, though one could argue that this is a pretty sturdy instrument and the small box prevents it from being crushed if it is shipped in a box containing other items. The sound is not very loud and the resonance on the outer keys is poor.

If you are looking for high quality a 10-key kalimba that you can enjoy holding in your hand and playing, spend a few dollars more and get the Amosic 10 Key Kalimba which has significantly better quality, excellent sound and comes with a small tuning hammer.
By hgaphoto August 29, 2018
This Thumb Piano has a beautiful, yet simple finish. Most Kalimbas ok all the same with a natural finish so its nice to see a thumb piano with a colorful finish, even if the paint job was a little sloppy. The sound quality is pretty good, although I like my coconut thumb piano that I got for even cheaper than this. The main issue I had with this thumb piano was that it had a lot of buzzing for each note so I had to put a piece of ripped paper underneath each metal file to take away most of the buzz. My other coconut kalimba doesn't have this issue. I don't want to complain too much since this is a cheap thumb piano and you get what you pay for. The best thing about this thumb piano other than the colorful finish is the fact that it is a 10 note kalimba, while many other thumb pianos at this price have only 7 notes or 8 notes. I also noticed that there wasn't a whole lot of sustain when you bend the notes with your finger and the wah wah/bending note sound only worked for 2 of the notes. You also will probably have to retune this kalimba when you get it, but it should come mostly in tune. Overall this is a decent thumb piano for the price so I give it a 4 star review!
By Jestifex May 23, 2016
I was working an Afrobeat recording for a personal project and wanted to record a Kalimba in the background of the mix. I figured I'd have to tune this one and since it was in the background, the sound quality would be OK.

When it arrived, it was perfectly in tune and the tone is very good. I was surprised how good the build quality and sound was for such a low price. The birch has a decent resonance. Other woods might be a bit better, but no complaints here. Now I'm thinking of putting it much more out front in the mix.

This is inexpensive enough to buy it as a toy, but the one I received can also be used as a serious instrument for occasional use. It's also a great way to try one out to see if you do want to invest in a more expensive one at some point. This one will serve my needs quite well, though.
By Amazon Customer August 13, 2018
Good quality overall, pretty good sound considering the price, easy to play, fairly easy to tune.
Arrived mostly in tune but I was unable to tune one of the "forks?" after messing with it several times, as loosening the tuning bar would cause the other forks to shift. As a result any use of the un-tuned fork created an unpleasant buzzing sound. All of the other forks tuned easily.
Without this one tuning issue the product would easily have been 5 stars.
By Amazon Customer November 16, 2017