FLAME&SHADE Patio Umbrella Stand Base Weight for 9' Half Round Patio Umbrellas, 20lb, Brown FSHB9

FLAME&SHADE Patio Umbrella Stand Base Weight for 9' Half Round Patio Umbrellas, 20lb, Brown FSHB9

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Manufactured from a DURABLE and WEATHER RESISTANT resin stone composite material.
  • Strong POWDER COATED STEEL STEM with adjustable tension screw and 2 internal adapter rings which SUITS MOST patio umbrella POLE DIAMETERS.
  • Especially designed for 9' HALF ROUND UMBRELLAS. To purchase the matching patio umbrella for this base search B079JY7KHG.
  • Modern textured MATT BROWN FINISH.
  • Considered a PROTECTIVE UMBRELLA STORAGE COVER for your patio umbrella? Search B06XTZ76YG.
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Added just over 50 lb of play sand and a little bit of water. Very heavy very sturdy. Of note, Dasani water bottle screws right into the hole where the cap comes out. Was handy for filling.
By Cheryl Berry November 18, 2017
I purchased this base for my new cantilever offset umbrella. You absolutely need this base for the umbrella. Very top heavy umbrella. I filled the bases with sand, very tedious task. So far, they are working well. Extremely heavy once you have all the sand in there. (it took me 4 bags of sand to fill each square, 50 1b. bags of sand x 4 , should do it! :)
By Hibiscus40 August 17, 2017
This umbrella stand is really as advertised. We filled it with sand. We have a rectangle umbrella. So it is oversized. It is so nice not to have to lay it down on the deck every time we have higher than normal winds. (which we have often her in New Mexico) All we have to do is slip the cover over the umbrella for winter storage. The shaft is plenty long enough to support even an oversized umbrella. I don't know about an offset umbrella. This base is not larger in circumference than other bases we have had but it is thicker, of course, to allow for the sand or water if you choose. We really like it. We originally ordered only one then when we saw how sturdy it was we ordered another. Would recommend.
By Beth October 10, 2017
Missing parts and no help or response from Flame&Shade customer service.
By lesmok October 5, 2017
Metal clips that supposed to keep the plastic squares together don't stay in the holes as they are too short. If you are on uneven ground, they just don't want to stay in the holes. I ended up buying ground anchors and attaching to the pole legs with wire ties. Now I have this big ole thing that is really just being used to set the pool cover on when I take it off the pool
By Laurie Chesnutt May 17, 2018
This product is great for stabilizing our Flame and Shade cantilever umbrella. It's very stable and sturdy with the extra weight added to the base of the umbrella.

That said, there are 2 things I would advise anyone purchasing this product:

1. The base has a fairly large footprint. It forms a square at the base of the umbrella, approximately 42" on each side. It takes up a fair amount of space, and you should plan on that when determining where to place the umbrella and weighted base.

2. You can fill the base with sand or with water, or with a combination of the two. However, I found it nearly impossible to fill it with sand. The opening is small, and the sand I bought at Home Depot was moist when opened. Instead of flowing into the opening like an hourglass, the sand clumped and was very difficult to transfer into the base units. I gave up and filled 3 of the 4 units with water. It works fine, and fills fast with a garden hose, but there is some danger in cold weather. The water can freeze and expand, breaking the plastic base. I will be moving the umbrella off the deck before our first hard freeze. We live in the mountains west of Denver, so that will probably mean stowing the umbrella and base around October 1 each year.

Since I had already bought the sand, I'm using it now as extra weight on the base. See photo.
By Amazon Customer June 26, 2018
This umbrella stand is exactly as pictured. It is nice and sturdy and quite heavy once you fill it with sand and water.

I wish the filling hole was a bit bigger to allow for quicker filling, but it is super easy if your sand is completely dry. Mine happened to be a bit wet from sitting outside in its bag before filling the base. Even the slightest moisture makes filling this stand a bit of a chore. It fits more sand than I would have guessed by looking at it. I purchased a 50 lb bag of sand and it took about 3/4 of the bag to fill the base.

I like knowing this stand will keep my umbrella from sailing away during windy days.
By Laura P. July 20, 2018
Not what you expect for the price. The 66lb umbrella stand is not heavy enough for a 10' market umbrella. I had to stack some pavers to weigh it down. The design is kinda flawed too. The base of the metal tube where the umbrella goes has a hole for a screw that is supposed to secure the tube to the body of the stand. There is no place for that screw to go in the base without puncturing it and draining the water out of the base.
By A. Khouri July 12, 2018