Barfly M37003ACP Measuring Jigger, 1 oz x 1-1/2 oz, Antique Copper

Barfly M37003ACP Measuring Jigger, 1 oz x 1-1/2 oz, Antique Copper

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  • Internal Measurement lines with markings for greater flexibility.
  • Rolled top edge strengthens and maintains shape.
  • External markings with capacity per size.
  • 18-8 stainless steel core construction.
  • Precise, accurate, and consistent measurements.
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Size:1 oz x 1-1/2 oz  |  Color:Antique Copper

Elongated shape facilitates smooth and easy pouring. Satin finish interior hides wear. Seamless interior design is easy to clean. Fine barware for the professional bartender and home enthusiast. Barfly mixology gear has everything you need to shake, stir, and pour the perfect cocktail. The collection is designed to ensure masterful results with a variety of tools for making perfect cocktails. From prep to garnish, this comprehensive line of hard working barware and accessories is designed for precision, control, and accuracy. Add an exciting vibe to your bar or party with Barfly mixology gear professional tools. They perform consistently well and look great.

This is a very nice Japanese style jigger and I'm VERY glad I chose this one. I hope the welds that hold the two pieces in place hold up. No reason to this they won't. This is a nicely finished piece with measurements stamped inside and out. Had measurements are on the inside and whole on the outside. I have to wonder what purpose a glass shot glass with no measurement indicators has over a free pour cocktail if you have to measure more than one ingredient for the cocktail. Anyhoo, this is going to make me a Manhattan this weekend. Thanks Barfly.
By Don Jr April 18, 2018
Why do you buy a jigger? So that you can have precision in mixing drinks. There's no other reason, really. This jigger is advertised as "1 oz / 1-1/2 oz ... but what you get is an absurd combination of metric and imperial markers. The small side is marked "3/4 oz" and "1/2 oz", while the larger side is only in metric. Even doing the conversions, the lines are dubious, especially the 3/4 oz line. Plus, the marking on the website photo is "Barfly", while the jiger arrives with a crooked "Mercer Culinary" logo.
By Richard Bock June 30, 2018
Elegant, tall design. Capacity is 2oz on the tall side, all the way to the brim. Internal marker for 1 1/2 oz. Serves its purpose. I like it.
By BigDaddyWill July 29, 2018
we use this at our storefront bar: look great, work great, good price
By Derrick C. Mancini July 9, 2018
looks great in my bar
By KRIS December 26, 2017
Doesn't have a 1/4th mark like posted in the picture. Super disappointed.
By Lyndsi Hastings February 7, 2018
While I'm not a fan of the Barfly M37005 Japanese Jigger's price tag, it is a quality product that with proper care should last a lifetime. If you get this for a "bartender" you know, they'll appreciate the value of this gift. The super-solid Stainless Steel construction is lightweight yet ultra-solid. It will add a touch of class and utility to any barfly's collection. Thanks to the internal measuring lines, it can also be used for doling out ingredients while cooking.

If you don't mind the price of admission, you get a quality product here.

~ Kort
By Kort February 9, 2018
- This little guy is well made. It has a nice heft and contoured edges with a pleasing smooth finish. It looks professional and I'm proud of it's inclusion to my minibar.
- It is well balanced and stands securely on both of its edges- top and bottom.

- My gripe might not be an issue with real bartenders, but I noticed that you'd have to fill it all the way up to the brim in order to get the FULL EXACT ounce / 2 ounce capacity. For me... that means spills on my counter, unless I under-fill.
By From the Far East February 8, 2018