Hyper Pet Flippy Flopper Fitness and Fetch Dog Toys Colors May Vary Hyper Products Inc. 47900EA

Hyper Pet Flippy Flopper Fitness and Fetch Dog Toys Colors May Vary Hyper Products Inc. 47900EA

  • Flying Disc for Dogs is a very special toy made with soft rubber and durable nylon that has been tested and complies with children’s toy standards.
  • This durable, safe toy will give you and your pet hours of interactive play time!
  • Floats in water!
  • Color may vary
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The hyper pet 9" flappy flopper is a interactive toss and fetch toy that has been a best seller for over two decades. Not only is it made of soft rubber and nylon so it’s safe for dog’s teeth but it’s also durable enough to withstand hours and hours of play time!.

Lots of complaints about durability. I have a 2 year old 80# male Belgian Malinois and 6 of these disks, and all 6 are still in perfect working order. Why? Because when we play with them, I get them out of my dog gear bag, we play for an hour, I don't let him take them off away from the game, I don't play tug with them, and when we're done, they go back into the gear bag and he doesn't even see them again until we play disk again! Same with balls, tugs, bite pillows and all the rest of our dog gear. Toy management! ANY toy you let most dogs have control of will be destroyed, and they also become bored with those toys. The key to maintaining your gear in good shape and having the dog enjoy playing with it forever is YOU keeping control of the toys. And use the correct toys for the correct games. Tugs for tug games, discs for disc games, balls for ball games. Another advantage is that your play area stays clean. I don't leave anything out for my dog to play with unattended, and there isn't a single scrap of shredded up toy or a punctured ball anywhere in our play space. And lastly, it's very dangerous to leave ANY toys out for dogs to play with unattended. The ONLY thing I leave out for my dog to have control of is a single, uncooked beef femur bone or joint knuckle, and I monitor those and the second it starts chipping or splitting, it goes in the trash. I also leave a properly sized, stuffed and frozen KONG in the crate with him when he's left home alone. But when I get back home, the KONG goes back in the gear bag. TOY MANAGEMENT will change your life with your dog, and it'll save you tons of money, frustration and time spent cleaning up destroyed toys. So if you manage this particular toy correctly, it'll perform perfectly for years! One of my top 3 favorite pieces of dog gear!!!!!!
By Dog Lover March 17, 2015
My grand-people bought this for my backyard hijinks. I'm a very handsome and well-built blue heeler/Australian shepherd mix, very strong, quick and agile, and I love catching these things. They are very forgiving if you're as bad at throwing frisbees as my grand-people (who hardly ever throw them into the neighbor's yard anymore because these are easier to control). They also float much better than the original, which allows me to display my fantastic agility and leaping ability. I love to do that and my grand-people appreciate watching me and are truly astounded at my feats of skill. I am really that good. Though I sorely miss that satisfying crackle & crunch that chewing on the plastic ones provide, my grand-people say these Flippy Floppers are kinder to my mouth. I'm impervious to pain, so what do I care? Though my people say, "Foley, stop!" when I bark too much at nothing at all (and it's such a high-pitched siren of a bark, truly impressive) and I can't be trusted to behave (they say), you're probably really sorry you don't get to live in my house! Well, not everyone can be so lucky. Now, where are my people and why aren't they throwing that Flippy Flopper thing for me?
By PatG March 8, 2018
We have tried several different frisbee for our pup. Some are hard to throw. Most were easily and quickly destroyed. We found one at TSC which held up better than the others. Each would last about a week before hey we're shredded. He always shakes his head violently before releasing the toy. While the tsc ones held up a little longer than most, they have a 1/2" plastic tube for an outer ring of the frisbee. It would come out and be exposed. I was always concerned about him poking his eyes while shaking hit head so I decided to try the Hyper Pet ones. I ordered only one as a test. It has lasted 2 weeks and is still going strong! While dry, it throws great. After a few throws, it's pretty wet and throws just a little worse, but still good enough to have him chase it. He has yet to expose what appears to be a rope that's the outer ring of the frisbee.
All in all, I'm extremely happy with my purchase. I will order a few more so that I always have one available for my boy to catch.
By WearyTraveler... April 6, 2017
I have been buying these frisbees for my dog since she was just big enough to make it down the stairs without toppling over. We started with the extra small size, and now we use these. My dog doesn't ask for anything, so when she drops her frisbee at my feet and stares up at me so hopeful, how could I say no? They are well worth the price, and I will continue to order these for many years to come.
By Kindle Customer April 24, 2017
We’ve tried many different flying discs for our dog, Ben. He’s a 76 lb active Doberman and loves to run and jump and catch a disc in midair. It’s his favorite game to play with us! I rely on reviews to help me make decisions; so I hope my review is helpful to you.

First of all, I bought hard rubber frisbees; but they are not easy for me to throw and Ben doesn’t like to catch them. So it was important to me to find a disc that is comfortable for him to catch ... but strong enough to withstand a bit of shaking and biting as he returns the toy to me. This “Flippy Flopper” most closely fits my criteria.

With that being said... if we left Ben alone with this toy for more than a minute, he would surely shred it to pieces. 9When Ben was a puppy, I coaxed him to return a toy to me by “trading” it for a treat. Before long, he learned that it’s more fun to “fetch” the toy rather than to “keep” it!)

This Hyper Pet brand has a strong cloth-covered rubber rim that’s a bit sturdier than the other discs we’ve bought. Also the nylon material seems to be stronger. My husband claims that he can throw the Hyper Pet Fetch Toy further and with more control. As for me, I have an easier time getting the Paraflight to fly longer distances. However I feel that this Hyper Pet brand is sturdier and lasts longer ... and is a better buy!
By Linniecat April 27, 2018