Audio-Technica ATN91R Replacement Conical Turntable Stylus for AT91R

Audio-Technica ATN91R Replacement Conical Turntable Stylus for AT91R

  • Replacement stylus for the AT91R cartridge
  • Conical Stylus
  • Bonded Round Shank construction
  • Aluminum alloy tube cantilever for pick-up of subtle details
Item # 72822

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All positive /I have several different cartrages some expensive but for the money And sound quality the conical stylus seems to give my vinyl a Warm sound that I enjoy
By Daniel W. April 18, 2018
Product was exactly what we wanted.
By Off T. September 22, 2018
Picked this up to referb a Realistic Lab-290 Turntable. Sound Quality is great, especially for the low cost. I highly recommend this cartridge.
By Shen August 9, 2018
Sounds really nice. Works grate.
By travistodd September 25, 2018
It's hard to judge a new cartridge. Anything sounds better than what I had. This fit perfect and sounds great. I can here so much more on the record.
By Amazon Customer September 18, 2018
I used this to replace my other head, it's nice and great for the price.
By Austin July 19, 2018
An excellent sounding cartridge. It came with my audio technica AT LP3 turntable and sounds as good if not better then a much more expensive cartridge I had owned on my previous turntable.
By Bob K. March 1, 2018
Bought this to replace a tired AT cartridge from a 80's turntable that I picked up at a yard sale
It was easy to change and the sound quality improved a lot.
It is a great value for the money
By Pablo M. Coronel August 15, 2018